Saturday, February 11, 2012

What I did on New Year's Day...

I was stuck on a mountain.  In Oregon.  My husband and I decided, in a stroke of brilliance, to take the last day of our journey down the Oregon coast to drive out to Bend, OR.  From Eugene to Bend, it was a harrowing journey over the mountains on New Year's Eve.  As native Midwesterners, neither of us knew what to do on snowy mountain roads.  In Illinois, if you go off the road, you land in a cornfield.  In Oregon, apparently, if you go off the road you fall off the mountain.  We white-knuckled it to Bend that night, woke up the next morning on Jan 1st, wandered around Bend like lost souls, and at 2pm headed back to our flight out of Portland.

It turns out that exactly everyone in Portland had decided to go into the mountains to ski for New Year's weekend, and needed to get back into Portland by Sunday night.  We spent hours on Mount Hood, surrounded by gorgeous redwoods, in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  The cars inched down the mountain at 3mph, and we barely made it into Portland in time to return the rental car and make it onto our midnight flight.  The bonus?  I managed to take some interesting pictures from the passenger seat...

The view from the passenger seat

Snow-kissed trees

Mount Hood

The Portland, Oregon sign, when we finally made it into the city

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