Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Final Collage

The Framed 2012 Spiritual Growth Collage

I tracked down a frame and after much fiddling managed to pull it all together.  I'm glad the the collage is protected from wear and tear, and I'm glad I was able to include my favorite quote.

The Wise Words of Abraham Lincoln
I first read this quote on a bag of Goodearth tea.  I latched onto it, and rather than throw it away, I taped it to my computer.  When I got a new computer, I found another Goodearth tea bag with that quote, so I pasted it on that computer, too.  It seemed fitting that it should go on top of the collage.

This quote helped me through two of the roughest years of my life.  While the words didn't necessarily make things easier, they did help me push through several low points in my two years teaching in a high-poverty school.  When it seemed like everything was out of my control and the odds were impossibly stacked against me, I would square my shoulders and decide that none of that mattered--the only thing that mattered was my determination to make things work.  I have the suspicion that this quote will see me through much, much more before I'm tired of it.


  1. This is awesome. I love making collages, and have had stuff sitting out to make one for a few weeks now! I must cut through my busy schedule and make it happen! Great quote, too.

  2. Thank you! I hope you find the time to make your collage--it takes time, but it's a fun stress-reliever, too. There's something so satisfying about making everything fit in a cool way. I'd love to see your final project, when you get around to it :-)